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Our experienced amateur cycling group welcomes newcomers to rides in Ventura County including Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Conejo Valley and Simi Valley. Our membership includes women and men ages 50 on up who enjoy our local roads, many with bike lanes, and arguably the best in Southern Cal. Join us and connect to a vibrant social network of senior cyclists from many backgrounds to share camaraderie, safety, detailed accounts of the daily rides, photos and more. The Old Kranks meeting place is in front of Gelson’s Market in Westlake Village with rides of all levels on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings.

So You Wanna Be a Krank?

joining the kranks

Joining a Bike Club

Road biking is a fun way to improve your fitness and meet up with new people, all of which is best achieved by riding with a bicycling club. Membership in the Old Kranks is open to women and men age 50 and older. To join the group, you will be required to complete a liability release form and pay the annual membership fee of $10.00. A copy of the form can be DOWNLOADED HERE. Bring the filled-out form to either Sam or Katie during the post-ride coffee klatch at Gelson’s at around 10 AM Monday, Wednesday, or Friday with your $10. Ear buds for listening to your favorite tunes are not allowed (and illegal anyway) as you need to have your full attention on the road and fellow riders.
Club Group Rides

Club Group Rides

Regular weekly rides are on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Ride distances are usually about 20-25 miles. The group also has Weekly Away Rides (WAR). These rides start at various nearby locations and are usually longer ride distances, up to 50 miles. with planned stops for lunches. Note: These away rides have many points where the slower groups can rejoin. All details of the daily rides are EMAILED to the membership. Currently, the club has two skill groups: The majority of the members ride at a moderate, casual pace. The second group (The Greyhounds) rides at a more aggressive pace. At the end of the rides everyone enjoys gathering for coffee, treats and socializing.
Road Bike


“Road bikes” are strongly recommended as they are designed for nimble riding on pavement. They also are fitted with a wide range of gears to handle the ups-and-downs of our hilly area. If you don’t currently have a road bike, our knowledgeable members might suggest a bike for maximum comfort and cycling efficiency. There are many less-expensive models that will make you “float” up hills and speed down the other side with stability. Helmets ARE REQUIRED at all times. Protective eyeglasses designed for cycling are essential, both to keep UV rays and dirt out of your eyes. Rear view mirrors are also highly recommended, as you need to know where cars & other riders are.

Friends of the Old Kranks

These are the local sources favored by our membersip for advice on all things bike, and to keep our machines in tip-top repair:

In Newbury Park: Michael's Bicycle

In Thousand Oaks: JRA Bikes and Brew

In Agoura Hills: Serious Cycling
Our mission is to grow the love of cycling. We are here to provide service, knowledge and support to the cycling community, especially the Old Kranks!

In Westlake Village: Win's Wheels

In Newbury Park: Newbury Park Bicycle Shop
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