Earl's Northwest Odyssey

A Nine-day Diary by Krank Earl Magpiong

The awesome coast of Coosbay Oregon

PROLOGUE The impetus for this trip was generated by my son, Glen, who wanted to "smell the coffee" in a camp site first thing in the morning. He had never been bike-camping and was curious about experiencing life on the road with fully loaded panniers. Two other friends of ours, Brian Mulligan and Terry Leiser, were invited and a plan, a route, and a schedule were generated by mid-July. 

Bikes loaded and ready to go
We started in Coos Bay, OR, and ended in Walnut Creek, CA.  We biked down the coast to San Francisco, ferried across the Bay to Oakland, and rode into Walnut Creek nine days after the start. All the gear was either mailed up to the start or brought in by a one-way truck. Terry and Glen drove in from MT and Brian and I "trained" (i.e. took the train) up from Walnut Creek. We all spent the night of August 15th at a motel in Coos Bay, put all the gear together and made ready for the next nine days of riding, with no idea of the surprises this odyssey had in store for us.

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